Hasbara Fellowships trains and empowers Jewish and other pro-Israel university student leaders to fight antisemitism and strengthen support for Israel on campus. Founded in 2001, Hasbara Fellowships organizes missions to Israel to train Jewish and pro-Israel student leaders from across North America as pro-Israel campus activists.

The missions educate and train students battling BDS and other forms of antisemitism and anti-Israel propaganda on their campuses.The Hasbara Fellowships program is unique in that it takes place in Israel. While we can teach students information and talking points anywhere, we can only create real activists with the necessary motivation, confidence and personal connection in Israel.

The goal of the Hasbara Israel missions is simple: educate, train and motivate university students to be passionate, dedicated and effective pro-Israel activists on their campuses. Upon return from the program, Hasbara Fellows organize on campus to push back on antisemitism and make their campuses a more welcoming environment for Jewish and pro-Israel students.